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Confidence in Science

Statistical Inference in R Markdown

A data analysis project for the course Statistical Inference through Duke/Coursera. The Statistics With R Specialization.

Bathroom Bill Map

Small Datamaps.js project

A map for tracking "bathroom bills," state legislation regarding the use of public restrooms by transgender people. 2016.


Idea and development in Python, OpenCV

Trace the visitor's profile and display it as a constellation in the night sky. Creative Code Immersive final project. 2016.

Sound board

Software development in Node.js,, Javascript

Creative Code Immersive group project. In 4 hours we assembled an Arduino soundboard. 2016.


Idea and development in P5.js

Looping animation to capture the feeling of serenity. A homework assignment for the GAFFTA Creative Code Immersive. 2016.

Interactive dashboard grid

Development in D3 and Javascript

An interactive executive dashboard grid of business level data. 2014.


Idea, design, full stack development in MySQL, PHP & HTML.

A shared journal and photo blog using pictures texted to a server via email. 2008.

Idea, design, full stack development in JSP & HTML.

BPR provided local show listings for Boston in 2004. Eventually merged with another site.

Daily Collage

Idea and development in PHP & HTML.

Each day the script conducted a Google image search and made a collage from the result. 2004.